Compassionate Care powered by loving families and the veterinary community.

At BVSE, our mission is simple. We work with your family veterinarian to ensure your pets receive the best care possible. 


While your family vet handles your pet’s primary health concerns, BVSE provides many forms of specialized care to assist in maximizing your pet’s health and quality of life. 

In addition to Specialized Care, we also offer Imaging Services, Consultations, and Continued Education opportunities.

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Brian Beale

Dr. Mark Besancon

Dr. David Dycus


*Special Pricing on all TPLO procedures (below)





Emergency & Critical Care (Coming Soon)

24/7/365 Access to Emergency Care

Dedicated Critical Care Team

State-of-the-Art Facility

Orthopedic Surgery

Cranial Cruciate Surgery:

TPLO, CBLO, Extra Capsular Repair

Patellar Luxation


Shoulder, Elbow, Carpus, Hip, Stifle, Tarsus


Joint Replacement:

Hip, Elbow, Stifle, Tarsus

Minimally-Invasive Fracture Repair

Corrective Osteotomy for Limb Deformity

Meniscal Surgery

Advanced Specialized Care

Soft Tissue Surgery (All kinds)

Oncologic Surgery

Neurologic Surgery

Reproduction Surgery

Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Opthalmic Surgery

Diagnostic Precision

64 Slice CT

In-House Laboratory

Intraoperative Flouroscopy

Digital Radiography


Digital Ultrasound


GAIT & Force Plate Analysis

Physical Rehabilitation & Recovery

Underwater Treadmill


PRP & Stem Cell Therapy

Digital Radiography




We utilize the latest imaging technology to dramatically increase our ability to reach a complete & effective diagnosis.


We are extending access to this technology to the entire veterinary community through our new Imaging Center. We provide a wide range of services from standard imaging to case consultations and radiographic interpretations. 


TPLO - Minimally Invasive with Arthroscopy



TPLO - No Arthroscopy


Pricing Special:

TPLO for Complete & Incomplete Crucial Tears

Subject to change based on patients’ needs and veterinarian discretion. Individual estimates will be created for each procedure.

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